New Wall Designs

I hope you have had an amazing Summer. It’s been super busy here as I have been working on something new… I’m really excited to show you my new wall designs!

I have been wanting to do something like this for ages. I love working in miniature for my jewellery designs, but it has been great to be able to increase the level of detail in these larger pieces. I hope you like them!

There are 3 new designs, The Moonlit Forest, Wild Flowers in Summer and Birds in Springtime. Each design is made from 6 layers of laser etched birch ply which are then intricately hand painted. They measure approx. 240mm high by 190mm wide and can be hung directly on the wall or placed in the small laser cut stand that they come with.

They are now available from my shop and Etsywall-designs-grouplayla amberlayla amberLayla Amberlayla amberlayla amberLayla Amber

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