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Hi, I’m Layla Amber Rous, a 26 year old designer/maker living and working on the beautiful Suffolk Coast, England.

I have always been creative. As a child I was happy as long as I had a pencil and a piece of paper, and not much has changed. I love painting, drawing and generally being as creative as possible. My Mother and Grandfather were both artists and have been a huge inspiration to me. I love going for long walks in the Suffolk countryside and am inspired by it’s beauty and all the animals that call it home. I love the changing seasons, natures patterns and British culture.

I studied Graphic Design at Norwich University College of the Arts. When I completed my degree I wasn’t sure what to do next, so just for fun I started experimenting with my illustrations by turning them into jewellery. I loved that they were like miniature, wearable pieces of art and I soon had more pieces than I knew what to do with! My Mum makes beautiful crafts and sells them at local fairs, and she suggested I put a few of my pieces on her stall. The response was amazing and that gave me the confidence to continue making. I soon started doing my own stalls at local fairs and opened an etsy shop soon after. Then I started gaining interest from wonderful independent shops and with a lot of experimentation, fun and hard work, Layla Amber jewellery was born.