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My collections are inspired by the things I love and I hope that you will love them too. Select a collection from below to find out more about their creation.

Layla Amber In Bloom CollectionLayla Amber In Bloom Collection
Layla Amber Handmade Jewellery

The In Bloom Collection is a vibrant range of floral designs which have been laser cut in birch wood, with each piece then delicately hand painted.

They say that inspiration can strike when you least expect it, and it’s so true. It was a miserable, cold Winters day and I was wandering a London Market when a stall full of beautiful, vibrant flowers caught my eye in a sea of grey. I was instantly reminded of long Summer days, and I very quickly decided that I wanted to design a collection that could conjure those same feelings. I took a quick snap on my phone and started sketching some ideas as soon as I got home.

The experience of designing for laser engraving had been so enjoyable for my Woodland Collection that I decided to approach this collection in the same way… but I wanted a twist. I wanted a way to make each piece more special and that was when I decided that I would individually hand paint each piece.

I had such fun designing this colourful collection and I’m hoping that shines through. It has been my little bit of Summer in an oh so long and snowy winter. I especially loved buying lots of pretty flowers, doing lots of sketching and experimenting with colour.